Tips For Emotional Spring Cleaning


The beginning of spring is near and many of us become obsessed with spring cleaning. I love throwing old things away that no longer serve me or bring my joy, but I’ve noticed we’re not as excited to emotional cleanse ourselves in the spring and let go of the weight we’ve been carrying.

The winter is hard for a lot of us, I’ve talked previously about the winter blues and how it affects all of us in some way at sometime through the cold, dark, hibernating months so when spring comes around and the sun hangs out longer it’s important to check in with yourself mentally.

Emotional cleansing is work, just like normal cleansing, it’s about letting go of old guilt and shame to shift your thinking. We can let go of negative self-talk, regrets from not starting off the New Year the way we intended and unproductive habits we’ve created without even realizing.

It’s time to check your emotional inventory to decide what can stay and what’s got to go.

Start by questioning yourself and asking yourself, “what no longer serves me emotionally?” Get clear with it and write it down if that helps. Don’t judge yourself or your answers, don’t filter your thoughts just let them come as they are and write them down. What you write down you now have the option to edit out in your real life.

We have to clear out these old negative thoughts to make room for new healthy and empowering thoughts.

Make note of what triggers these negative emotions and start to create goals to transform these negative feelings and thoughts into positive ones.

As you notice a thought coming in like, “I’m not loveable,” change that thought to “I am loveable because I have supportive friends, a dog that gets excited every time I come home, a family member who calls to check in, etc.” Shift your mindset to recognize the good you do have in your life.

Start to overwhelm the negative feelings you’ve housed with positive ones. The positive feelings will give you the strength to let go of the negatives and help you start to believe and lean into positive feelings.

Spring is about renewing. Think about emotional spring cleaning like clearing out your closet - it takes time and a process but when you commit to it and do the work, you will be happy with the changes.

Becca MartinComment